Client / Bang & Olufsen
Team / Alice Garsia and Narayani Leonardo
Role / Art Direction & Design
Type / Integrative Design​​​​​​​
Sensory Exchange is a new feature of B&O's existing App, where you can give away in exchange for receiving.

Sensory Exchange new feature where you'll find a list of approved recyclable materials such as aluminum, wood, and stainless steel, a map of where to find nearby containers and a QR code to unlock the dropbox. 
To keep track of the materials that you recycle, the dropbox container asks for the QR code. As soon as the container weighs and scans for approved materials, you'll earn redeemable points. To redeem your item, go to your nearest Bang & Olufsen store, or shop online.
Young Ones One Show Awards 2022 / Final Shortlist
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